About De L' Est

I am Anna and I am the person behind De L'Est. I started designing art and jewelry in 2008 as a form of meditation and need to keep my spirit flowing. I was surprised by the power that my inspiration came through me despite the fact that I was in a quite dark place at that time in my life. As most of us humans do I had been struck by a series of unexpected challenges and had a hard time finding joy and meaning again.

10 years later I'm in a much better place with myself and life. I love every little piece of it. Life is supposed to be fun and you are meant to be feeling good. If it doesn't feel that way, do what you can to adjust accordingly. Small steps at a time. Choose the thought that brings you the better feeling.

The beauty and power of all the stones, material and wonderful rendezvous with amazing people around the world inspire me daily to create unique pieces of jewelry. I put a lot of heart, soul and intention into my creations and I hope you will find your own favorites to serve you.

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